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Real name: Tobey Elias Kreeter
Age: 14
Date of birth: February 13th

Pokerface is well...pokerfaced! It's extremely trying to get an emotion out of him. He's very laid-back, cool, and just very spacey. His demeanor sometimes disturbs the other Misfits, but he's really not all that bad once you get to know him.

He's Sci-Fi's "lab assistant" but doesn't do a very good job at it. He always gets too distracted with other things, which brings Sci-Fi much dismay. He is the son of the town psychiatrist who uses ventriloquism to cheer up his patients. Pokerface himself isn't fully able to express emotions on account of being so calm and collected 24/7, so he utilizes a pair of puppets to show his emotions for him in situations where he isn't certain how to react.

POPULARITY: He's the only Misfit who is deemed “cool” at their school. There are many girls who have a crush on him and many guys who want to BE him. Luckily, Pokerface is very uncaring about his social status and doesn't conform to any Rittenslipian's expectations. He loves being with the Misfits and he loves being a Misfit. He wouldn't trade it for all the popularity in the world.

FAMILY: Mr. Kreeter is a psychiatrist, like I said, that uses ventriloquism to cure his patients. Mrs. Kreeter is a real estate agent.

PUPPETS: Pokerface has two puppets made out of socks, a “wedded couple” by the names of Paul and Janice.

LIKES: puppet shows, pocky, imagination, accessories, Muppets, and spicy food.

DISLIKES: science and anyone who disses his puppets.

FEARS: “Fear? What's that?” he asks.

LOVE INTREST? Peps likes him, but it's not for certain whether or not he feels the same way about her. With Pokerface, you can never really tell.

1. He doesn't have much of a sweet tooth; pocky is pretty much the only sweet thing he can tolerate.
2. He's a neat freak.
3. His favourite colour is purple.
4. He secretly watches chick flicks, which explains how he can oftentimes be sensitive to everyone's feelings, even if he doesn't understand them very well.
5. He enjoys having tea parties with Qwiz and Mint.
6. Being the good-guy type of person, he is always trying to help Bartholomew conquer his fears.
7. He has two natural hair colours; black and brown.
8. He LOVES video games.
9. He is a sure-fire ladies' man (frighteningly enough).
10. He wears a retainer.
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