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Real name: Antoinette Jeanette Edwards
Age: 12
Date of birth: September 1st

Don't let her nickname fool you--it's an ironic twist to her moody demeanor.  She is gloomy and oftentimes a provoked individual. She's very easily put into a nasty mood and can't stand to be around people for a certain amount of time. But she's not completely all moans and no smile; she does have a bright side at times! Mostly she directs her foul temper at Chocobit (crazy and practical aren't a perfect mix in a group) and the pompous Rittenslipians of their Southern suburbia.

The Misfits are scarcely bothered by bullies because Peps is good at scaring them off just by giving them a menacing look. Her short temper and sharp tongue make it difficult for people to mess with them at school (or anywhere else, if needed). Despite her aggravation she has a caring mother-like quality for the younger Misfits.

FAMILY: Mr. Edwards is a renowned pageant judge. Mrs. Edwards is a greatly appreciated fashion model.

For the first five years of her life, she was forced by her parents to compete in multiple
glitz pageants. Peps absolutely hated them. She never won because she'd always pull pranks on the other girls and mess up onstage on purpose just
to get out of it quicker.

Shortly after Tiff was born, Peps parents gave up on forcing her and moved on to doting on Tiff to be their pageant star. She certainly has made up for all that Peps messed up; Tiff has won over a hundred pageants (and she's only 5) and is considered the golden child. Tiff is very bratty, very self-centered, and very mean. She's the only Rittenslipian who isn't afraid of Peps' attitude—in fact, she makes it a habit to bother Peps as much as possible.

Peps is, in a sense, second-in-command of their Misfit group, even though her maturity makes her more adequate for the leader position. Oftentimes the other Misfits look to Peps for guidance, and that's what sets Chocobit off. In a few ways, Chocobit feels threatened by Peps, thinking that Peps is trying to overthrow her, which isn't the case at all. Peps hates the thought of leadership but doesn't mind giving out friendly advice here and there.

Another thing that instigates their rivalry is that while Peps is more rational and developed, Chocobit is wild and absurd. Peps hates that Chocobit is always goofing off and the fact that Chocobit gets them into all kinds of trouble infuriates her. Another thing is that they compete against each other a lot.

In spite of their differences and their disagreements, they are actually very good friends (they just won't admit to that very easily).

LIKES: dragons, video games, any apparel with spikes or studs, and magazines.

DISLIKES: Chocobit, the Rittensipians, pageants, makeup, and the colour pink.

FEARS: She doesn't necessarily have a fear, but I will say she has insecurities. She has a sapphire seashell she'd bought at an artsy store when she was younger, and for some reason she feels safe every time she has it on her. She mostly carries it around in her skirt pocket everywhere she goes.

LOVE INTEREST? For years, she's had a huge crush on Pokerface. Does he know about it? No, but all the other Misfits do.

She and Pokerface trade video games every month.

She overuses the word “Stupid”. It's pretty much a catchphrase of hers.

Everyone in her family is a redhead.

Qwiz and her have known each other the longest out of any of the other Misfits. Qwiz actually used to be a pageant girl too (and hated it) and she would help Peps prank the other girls.

Peps has a preference for Chinese food.

She likes plaid.

Ever since the horrible pageant days, she never lets her hair length grow past her shoulders.

In secret, she tries to conform as much as possible to whatever Pokerface does or likes.

Her favourite animal is the dragon, which is why she likes dressing up like one.

There are times where she and Chocobit actually get along and will just have little get-togethers to just the two of them if the other Misfits are too busy to hang out.

She can't stand her actual name; she gets really angry when it's said for some reason.

She hates sweet foods.
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