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Real name: Petunia Elizabeth King
Age: 12
Date of birth: June 23rd

The most clever and daring of all the Misfits, Chocobit is the loud-mouthed and extremely narcissistic leader of the bunch. In the Southern suburbs of Rittenslip, she's bored out of her mind and is constantly on the search for adventure—even if it has to be acquired through unnecessary mischief. But she cannot go on these misadventures of hers on her own; she's always dragging the other Misfits with her, whether or not they are willing to cooperate with her.

She is obnoxious, bossy, and an exhibitionist by nature. She speaks in a big voice that can be heard over a mile away. She loves to make a big production out of anything she does, even if it's something as simple as eating a bowl of cereal. The girl adores being in the spotlight and craves massive amounts of attention, no matter if it's good or bad—just as long as she gets it.

ACCENT: Much to her dismay, Chocobit has a slight Southern accent. She despises it.

The members of Chocobit's family are simply described as hillbillies. Mr. King works full-time at a grill and barbecue joint, Good BBQ Eatin'.  Mrs. King is a stay-at-home mom who is an avid pie enthusiast. Both parents are extreme couponers, so most of the stuff that they own is cheap and worth nothing. Their house needs repairing BAD, but again because they're cheapskates no renovations are ever going to be made.

Chocobit has a sister named Mona. Mona is fifteen years old and has the whole “females are stronger than males” attitude going on. She's very fit and exercises on a daily basis. She's rarely mentioned in the stories so far, however. But I thought I'd let you know that Chocobit isn't an only child.

Her Uncle Patrick is nuts. Well, to everyone else, he is. He always has some tall tale to tell everyone, most of which nobody believes. Chocobit adores him.

Shredder is Chocobit's two-year-old bulldog. His name compliments nothing of his personality. He's lazy, sleepy, and just a big old teddy bear. This kind of disappoints Chocobit because she has this idea of him being a ferocious guard dog. To make up for it, she often dresses him like a zombie dog in order to scare away the neighbor kids that frequently drop by to make fun of her. They never bother her when Shredder is a “zombie dog”. And Shredder just keeps on snoozing.

On many occasions, she and Peps absolutely do not get along. Their arguments range from petty and stupid to serious, and Chocobit always has to have the last word. Unfortunately for her, Peps also has stubborness issues and wants to have the last word, too, so their fights can last fairly long. They rarely scuffle, mostly because Mint gets super upset and cries like a baby if they start physically fighting. They love Mint like a little sister so they do their best not to fight like that in front of her.

Opposites get off on the wrong foot, especially in this case. Whereas Chocobit is boisterous and prone to leaping before she looks, Peps is more practical and brooding. What's worse is they both are opinionated.

However, in the end, when all is done, you can truly see that they DO care for each other and that they're happy to be friends. They may never admit to that, but it's true.

Chocobit and Qwiz have one thing in common: they love junk food. In Mint, Queen of the Glorgs Chocobit ends up making a bargain with the little psychic to trick Mint into seeing the error of her ways so she'll stop being a brat and return to normal, offering to give her half of her snacks for a whole year if the attempt was a success. It was, so now Chocobit has to fork over her food.

Qwiz is the second person other than Peps that Chocobit cannot get along with very well. Most of it is out of pure jealousy; Chocobit hates that Qwiz is psychic and especially hates it when the girl rubs it in her face. Qwiz does it on purpose, chiefly just to have a little fun with her.

LIKES: chocolate, monster movies, zombies, cats, scary stories, anime, cute things, and herself.

DISLIKES: Peps, Qwiz, Rittenslipians, spiders, and bacon (she thinks pigs are cute, so she feels wrong if she eats it).

She's actually afraid of not being liked. Don't tell her I told you.

LOVE INTEREST? She flirts with Tom often. No, she doesn't like him. It's mostly part of her mischevious behaviour, because Tom and Dom are scared of her on account of their belief that she's a spy for the evil Yorcs (the cat-like enemies of their “alien” race). Her flirting freaks him out, and that only encourage her to mess around with him even more.

She has outdoor allergies.

Her favourite colours are blue and yellow (can ya tell?).

A guilty pleasure of hers is a widely known soap opera called “Where's Steven?”

She hates water.

She wants to be an actress when she grows up.

Her memory is terrible.

She's very self-conscious about the size of her ears, so she hides them with those hair clips she's always seen wearing.

She has a trusty slingshot she carries around with her.

She hates the mall.

Has an obsession with polka dots.

Even though she despises her accent, she does seem to take a liking to certain country music.

Bullying actually strengthens her self-love.
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